Social media is the most common form of communication for students. It is used to send out 140 character thoughts and six second videos. Now, in addition to popular social media apps that students use everyday, HR students, parents, and staff can download an app that is all about school spirit.

  The dream for the #FalconPride app was thought up by Bruce Wright, HR’s athletic director/birthday enthusiast, and junior Tre Lannon. “I wanted to make the app because I wanted to promote school spirit,” said Lannon. “I wanted to unite our school as a whole and make the student body aware of the various activities involving our fellow Falcons.”

  Although the Athletic Department is funding the app, it is about more than just basketball games. “The goal of the app is to get people to go to as many different activities and events as possible and support their fellow classmates,” said Wright, “I’m trying to put as many things on there as possible to get kids to go to.”

  The app is a fun and competitive way to show your school spirit. Here’s a quick breakdown of its features:

A screenshot of the home page. PhotoCo: Megan de Guzman

  You can see all upcoming events by selecting the EVENTS icon. This is where you can earn points. Big events like football and basketball games that have a big turnout will be worth ten points. Smaller events like concerts, swim meets, and soccer games might be worth 20 or 25 points.

  If you attend an event, you can Check In. The app will only let you check in if your current location matches the location of the event. You will only earn points if you check in. You can check your points by selecting the AWARDS icon.


A screenshot of the Twitter newsfeed. PhotoCo: Megan de Guzman

  The SOCIAL icon brings you to a Twitter feed featuring HR-related accounts like Wright’s. Tweeting can also earn you some points.

  The FAN CAM is the destination for all Falcon-spirited photos. Anyone can upload a photo, but it must be approved by Wright before it is posted.

A screenshot of the Leaderboard. PhotoCo: Megan de Guzman

  The LEADERS icon honors the Falcons that have shown the most spirit. To move up on the leaderboard, you have to earn points.

  The app also makes it easy to buy Falcon gear without having to visit the school store. All you have to do is select the FAN GEAR banner.

  The #FalconPride app is available for free on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Megan de Guzman, Staff Reporter