Trick or treat street


This is an info graphic relating to the money raised during this event and how many people participated. GraphicCO: Shayan Morshed

  Trick or Treat Street was a Halloween carnival  community event designed by FCCLA for everyone to enjoy held at Highlands Ranch High School on October 29th. FCCLA stands for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Shannon Tufts, a Family and Consumer Science teacher at HR, Alyssa Wayman, a Family and Consumer Science teacher at HR, Michaela Bailey, a student leader for this event, and high school students at HR hosted this event mainly for elementary kids.

  Each club/activity designed a game like one you may see at a typical carnival. Booths at the carnival include: ring toss, bowling, cupcake walk, knock down the item and musical chairs. “Trick or Treat Street is fun for all ages,” said Tufts.

  Trick or Treat Street collected donations for a charity called Hide in Plain Sight. It was not mandatory to donate, but it was of course appreciated. Hide in Plain Sight raises awareness about at-risk teenagers in Douglas County and to help support them in their time of need. This organization helps teenagers all around Douglas County, who may not have that great of a home and need help.  For example, if a teen has a poor family, has abusive parents and has nowhere else to go, this organization would step in and assist them with the help they need.“I think that it is a great organization,” said Tufts.

  This event hosted over 650 people, and raised around $1,200 dollars for Hide in Plain Sight. 25 clubs, organizations, and sports teams were running the games/booths. HR raised around $1,000 more than in past years. Colin McCallum, a member of the HR cross country team said, “I’m glad that I was able to participate in this event and help raise money.”

Shayan Morshed, Staff Reporter