Welcoming a new website


The new HRHS website.

  Highlands Ranch has undergone many changes recently. One of those changes involves a newly renovated website. But how is this new website any better than the old?

  The new website has portions dedicated to the school schedule, the Chronicle newspaper, upcoming events, and academic information. By featuring topics relevant to the students, the Web Team of the website hopes to make the site a useful tool for HR students.

  How does the new website differ from the old one? “Mainly the navigation. The old site was kind of confusing on where to go or where important links are located. We had a lot of links that were six clicks in,” said Nicky Debolt, Web Coordinator.

  By adding the important links on the front page, easier access is involved with one click. The less important pages can be accessed with two clicks.

  The new page is also easier to maintain for the staff. In the old site “20 kids were needed, this new site we only have five kids maintaining it,” said Debolt.

  The Web Team consists of some of the top five programmers in the school: Eric Tucker, Luke Encrapera, Connor Blackstock, Evan Qi, and Kelly Gold.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.52.14 PM
The new website. PhotoCo: Jade Zimmerman

  The Web Team’s work is rationalized, focusing more on the technical aspect rather than the content. “The office is going to be in control of announcements, yearbook will help us out with photographs, Coulson’s class will help us out with keeping things up to date as far as the graphics are concerned. Coulson’s class also made the background for our website,” Debolt said.

  Evan Qi is a Webmaster for the site. “[the web team] made the new website because we felt that the old site had no functionality,” said Qi. They believe that most students only used the website as a gateway to Infinite Campus.

  The new site also spotlights Chronicle articles. “We hope that the website would be much more informative about upcoming events that students and parents should know about,” said Qi.

  Qi helped with the website’s functionality, not the aesthetics and will do most of the uploading on the new site.

  HR hopes this new website will be more beneficial for student and parent use.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff reporter