Faith, family, and teaching shape the life of Mr. Wood


Wood. PhotoCo: Emma Atchison

Michael Wood teaching his science class. PhotoCo: Emma Atchison

  Michael Francis Wood, a science teacher at HR, orders his life by importance: faithful Christian, loyal husband and father, and then high school teacher.

   One year impacted his life forever. Wood said,”I became a Christian in senior year.” He has been involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at HR for 21 years. “My faith comes first and then my family second,” said Wood about the major parts of his life.

  Colorado has always been home to Wood and his family, but he lived in California for a couple of months. Happily married with four kids, his youngest headed off to college this year. Wood enjoys going for bike rides with his family, playing golf, fishing, staying updated on the sporting world, and reading about American history.

  Wood not only cares about spending time with his family, but he also teaches chemistry, AP chemistry, and astronomy at HR. Originally, Wood planned to major in business and accounting, but then he said, “I just decided I didn’t want to do that.” He has been part of the science department since 1995.

Wood’s faith, family, and teaching contributed to the person he is today, but he too impacted others when he decided to become a teacher. Lexi Crea, a junior at HR currently has Wood for a teacher. He is one of her all time favorite teachers. Crea said, “he is so good at what he does and helps kids understand what is the hardest subject for a lot of students.”

Wood. PhotoCo: Emma Atchison
Wood. PhotoCo: Emma Atchison

Emma Atchison, Guest Reporter