Haunted Houses: the perfect Halloween activity


  Halloween is a strange time for teens. Little kids get the traditional trick-or-treating experience, and young adults get to go to crazy Halloween parties. So what’s left for teens? Why not go to a haunted house?

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.11.04 AM
13th floor will be especially terrifying this year for those who are afraid of clowns. PhotoCo: http://www.13thfloorhauntedhouse.com/

1.13th Floor

  This attraction has a variety of themes and different rooms that you can explore. It has three new attractions this year- Hallow House (clown theme), Feral Moon (werewolf theme), and Undead: What Lies Beneath (zombie theme). 13th Floor is Denver’s largest haunted house, and was called “the scariest haunted house in Colorado” by MTV.

  1. The Asylum

  This haunted house currently has three attractions: Primitive Fear, with killer mutated super-soldiers, Post Mortem, where you must get away from infected  patients, and The Abandoned, where you see those deemed too insane to function. The Denver Post said, “This haunted house is not for the faint of heart.”

  1. Hellscream

  Hellscream has been in operation for six years. What’s notable about this haunted house is that they use movie quality special effects, and put detailed work into their set designs. They also have laser tag, a REDRUM Murder Mystery event, and an event called Escape from Hellscream, where you and seven others are trapped in a room and must use the clues provided to escape.

  1. Haunted Field of Screams

  The best part about this place is that they have Zombie Paintball Massacre. You get to shoot zombies that are chasing you through a cornfield and live out your apocalyptic dreams. They also have a Dead Man’s Maze, which is a traditional corn maze with various monsters popping out at you. Lastly, the titular Field of Screams attraction is like a haunted house, with themed areas and scenes you walk through. All events are outdoors, so dress warmly.

  1. The Frightmare Compound

  This is said to be the first haunted house in Denver, founded by Brad Holder in 1983. Supposedly, Holder worked tirelessly on the attraction for sixteen years before becoming fatally ill, and being buried somewhere within the haunted house. It was built in a barn, rumored to be on unholy ground. During the building of the haunted house, it is said that “Both human and animal remains were dug from the depths of the mud and trenches around the haunted house.”

Mikayla Rust, Editor in Chief