Clue, A Show To Die For


The classic board game, Clue, by Hasbro Gaming is infamous for creating a constant mystery about the death of a specific character in a scandalous mansion. With a list of weapons, clues, and rooms, the killer becomes revealed through a series of accusations, action, and intense strategy played by the rest of the characters. Similarly to the board game, the play being represented at HR follows the game rules and the game outline.

Clue, A Show To Die For, is a play created and led by the thespians at HRHS and their theme represents the classic game. After months of preparation, the play is coming along and is planning to present the play to the community on September 30th, 2021. With experienced staff in the play, senior and lead actor Warren Rockett and senior and senior and props headmaster Maysun Cronk gave their primary perspectives and their overall thoughts on the entire preparation of the play.

Props headmaster, Cronk had a solid role in the preparation of the play and creating the outline.“Though I’m not acting in this specific show, I’ve been acting for 13 years. I love every aspect of theater and how it brings people together.” said Cronk. 

Cast of The Clue, A Show To Die For. Photo courtesy of Maysun Cronk

Each role is significant to carry out the show because everyone relies on each job to be completed. Cronk said, “some of the major roles in the tech department are lighting, house and publicity, construction, and sound. Everyone within tech and acting fit their roles perfectly. We have specific jobs for each person and we work as a complete unit.”

Similarly to Cronk, Rockett also has experience and had various effects upon the different aspects of the play. Although Cronk and Rockett had different roles, their overall contribution was to complete the play successfully, despite COVID-19. Cronk said, “Covid has made it difficult for us in many ways but we made it work well and everyone contributed their part to get the job done.”

With a variety of students from HR, COVID-19 really impacted the team, despite this, they found ways to overcome it. Although it was difficult for this specific group to come together, they overcame the adversities of COVID-19 and successfully prepared for this play to go live on September 30th. The play went successful in all aspects and Cronk said, “the play went amazing! Everything we planned for came out the way we wanted and we had a huge turnout. Everyone played their role rightfully and everyone behind the scenes made it smooth for everyone.”

By Navkunwar Singh, Staff Reporter