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The Devastating effects our ignorance has on the world ; a look into the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Who is worthy of human rights? The obvious answer is everyone. Right? Well, not everyone agrees. 

Over the past couple of weeks, violence against Palestinians in Israel has increased exponentially. While Israeli-Palestinian conflicts are not unheard of, as disagreements over who has claims over the holy lands have lasted for decades, this year’s events have opened my eyes to the unjust treatment of Muslims in Israel and the blatant ignorance the world has shown.

During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection worldwide for the Muslim community, there have been numerous and violent encounters on the streets of Jerusalem, that  both groups view as their capitol. The recent conflicts were due to the increasing restrictions that the Israeli government has enforced onto the Muslim population.

During the first days of Ramadan, the Israeli government issued a limit to the amount of people allowed to enter the Al Aqsa mosque, a place that holds great significance in their religious books. As well as a police blockade on May 8, the holiest day of the year for Muslims, which stopped Muslim Palestinians from entering the Al Aqsa compound to pray. They justified the decision with the unrest in the Sheikh Jarrah district.  

The Sheikh Jarrah district disputes stemmed from the forceful eviction and uprooting of Palestinian families from their homes. The eviction threats stemmed from Jewish settler groups claims over the lands. As the EU, UK, and UN have condemned the actions of the Israeli government, violence against the Muslim populations have risen; rockets have been launched, people have lost their lives, homes, and families, and war has been speculated.

However, this is not a continuation of the long lasting conflicts. It is an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population. Gaza, in which the Sheikh Jarrah district is located, has become an unlivable place that at surface value looks like a war torn district. Buildings have been bombed and destroyed, and in their place were built Jewish settler villages that house Israeli extremists.



To learn more on the conflict click here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/israel-gaza-conflict-what-is-happening-and-who-is-involved-12304535

Zionism and segregation has led to these events and ultimately led to the censoring of the conflict. While researching the topic, it was difficult to find information regarding the violence and the actions of both the Israeli government and Palestinian populations. 

It is clear that the world is shrouded in a bubble of avoidance. As they say “Ignorance is bliss,” but what they forget to add is a disclaimer that warns you of the negative impact your ignorance has on others. 

By ignoring the mistreatment of foreign people and justifying with statements similar to “not my problem,” we are consciously choosing to ignore our responsibilities as human beings. America is an expert on this; the American population is one that, for the majority, is not knowledgeable in foreign affairs, or even domestic affairs, and seemingly don’t care enough to educate themselves. We are an isolationist country despite our commitment to the Truman Doctrine, which provides military and economic aid to a population or country that is under the an authoritative rule. 

These events have taught me that my community and many others have not been exposed to these issues, and, therefore, view them as less important or impactful than they are in reality. I, myself, learned of this conflict through one of the only Muslim students in my school and would not have understood its impact if it was not for hearing about it first hand. 

The world is watching as we wait to see if America will choose to deescalate an impending war, or follow in the footsteps of the UN and condemn the actions of the Israeli population. As of right now the US has honored their treaty with Israel and have been supplying them with weapons; President Biden even speaking out in alliance with the Israeli government. But if we are to honor our promise of freedom and equality we need to speak out against injustices even if that means formal condemnations and withdrawals of military aid to allied countries.

And while we watch and wait, we need to continue to talk. Talking is one thing that is universal and is the only effective way of exposing these issues to sheltered people. The more we talk, the more we understand. When we begin to understand others different from us, we begin to know what it is to be human. Not only does this lead to a more educated and understanding population, but it can also result in negotiations and discussions that can prevent and solve problems such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is not an article demanding the involvement of the American government into Middle Eastern affairs, or one criticizing the Israeli population in absolute contempt. It rather serves as encouragement and a request to keep up with and learn about both domestic and international affairs. Because if there is one thing I know and believe wholeheartedly, it is that everyone is worthy of being cared for and we should care for everyone. 

Isabella Bogo, Staff Reporter

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The Devastating effects our ignorance has on the world ; a look into the Israel-Palestine conflict.