Farewell Class of 2021


As we send off the class of 2021 seniors, we say a bittersweet goodbye. Living through a pandemic, we have had to adjust to new ways of living, and for our class of 2021 seniors, saying goodbye to high school came quicker than expected. 

With four months of remote learning, several of hybrid, and only the final two months fully in person, seniors didn’t get to partake in some of the best senior moments. Minimal fans were allowed to attend sports games, homecoming was cancelled, and prom had to be a little different than usual.

“It’s definitely not what I expected my senior year to be like,” said Rachel Bogh, senior. 

The challenging year filled with unexpected turns, taught us all resilience, and prepared us for the changes our futures hold. For most seniors, another big change is right in front of them as they leave the building for the last time and cross the stage at Red Rocks, their new future as high school graduates awaits them.  

The short return to in-person learning restored the connections students had with each other as well as their teachers, and it will be sad to say goodbye just after being reunited. Delaney Weston, senior, said, “It was nice to come back and see people I hadn’t seen in awhile and the teachers that made a difference in my life. It was also nice to have that routine back.”

Seniors Emily Vogel, Brooklyn Rule, Delaney Weston, and Taylor Deneui in their senior pants on their last day of school. Photo Courtesy of Darios Passas.

However, the time remaining in high school has still flown by. “I felt like I was a sophomore a month ago. Online school really made my junior year go by fast,” said Nathan Kuhta, senior. The past year definitely took a toll on everyone, and although many events were missed, there are still many accomplishments to be proud of.

A successful Wish Week was held, Kindness and Mental Health weeks were implemented, and seniors still got to have their prom under the sea. Students from DECA were able to qualify for nationals all from the comfort of their own homes. 

Francine Palmos, senior, said, “At times I felt like I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to in high school, but in the end I enjoyed what I accomplished.”

“Ranch is all I’ve known for the last four years, so it’s a weird feeling to not be picking out my classes for the next year. I’m going to miss all my underclassmen friends and seeing the same people,” said Weston. 

Many seniors feel stressed and scared to leave high school and begin the next chapter of their life, but this is where the beauty begins. As we send our seniors off, we hope they discover joy and comfort in new ways, and know they are prepared for the journey ahead. 

Sad to see the students he has taught for the past four years go, science teacher Thomas Conyers said, “While you’re busy preparing for the rest of your life, don’t forget to enjoy it.” To the class of 2021, you will be missed, but HR is excited to see all that you can and will accomplish. 

By Camryn Montgomery, Social Media Editor