Student Senate encourages school spirit


Junior Student Senate. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews

Junior Student Senate. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews
Junior Student Senate. PhotoCo: Lara Mathews

This year, Student Senate is working hard to improve school spirit within our school. School spirit has been an issue in our high school for a while, and now Student Senate tackling this problem head on.

Senate has made it their goal to support all organizations around the school and to unify the classes. “As a class, we make sure to attend club’s activities like the play and Unified games to get the word out. We want to make sure that every student is included and acknowledged in our school and around our campus,” said Katie Keeton, member of Junior Senate. So far, Senate has attended the Back to School dance, Unified Games, the recent theatre production of Noises Off and many more activities.

“We definitely work together to show up at different things. All the Senators represent different things so we can bring in and promote more people,” said student Chasmine Malabanan, Junior Senate. Many members of Senate are involved in different clubs, such as Activities Cabinet, sports, honor societies, and many more.  They are also willing to support Falcon Fridays and any kind of school event.

But how does Senate decide where to bring the school spirit? “We try to direct our attention to groups that are less known, like we went to the play, or band. We try to take little steps,” said Malabanan.

Student Senate will continue working to bring school spirit to Highlands Ranch. Ultimately, their goal is to get the majority, or close to the entire student body, participating in school activities and school spirit.

Lara Mathews, Staff Reporter