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October 2, 2023
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Freshman returning full-in person

Freshman returning full-in person

The proposal to begin full time in-person learning has brought a sense of normalcy for many. But what does this mean for the freshmen who have never experienced a ‘normal’ HR schedule?

As of Aug. 17, 2020, students began the new hybrid model, a big change for everyone. By beginning full in-person learning on March 22, 2021, the freshmen in particular are experiencing yet another change. “I’m scared and stressed because now that I’ve gotten used to hybrid and online, going back is going to seem like a lot at once,” said Hailey Walker, freshman.

Students across DCSD haven’t been fully in-person since March 14, 2020 and many freshmen are excited to see what it’s like to resume in-person classes. “Going back to school on a fully normal schedule will be great. You get to meet the other half of the school too. I think that the schedule can be easily adapted to, although I have become accustomed to the online schedule,” said Braden Degrado, freshman.

The ‘normal’ HR schedule consists of silver days on Mondays, blue days on Tuesdays and Thursdays and black days on Wednesdays and Fridays. Adjusting to each day may seem difficult at first and take extra support from administrators and faculty. “I feel kind of nervous not knowing the schedule because I might be late and go to the wrong classes,” said Max Macca, freshman. “Not knowing the schedule does make me a little weary about going to school, but I am still really excited.”

Schedule courtesy of HR

Silver Days are equivalent to the current Monday through Thursday schedule for all periods, Blue Days means even classes, including homeroom as well as access and Black Days means odd classes.

During block days, each class period is about 90 minutes long. Sitting within the classroom during long periods of time, such as block days, may take some adjusting to, as students have been on a 30-50 minute class schedule throughout this past year.

Brian Domokos, English teacher, teaches freshmen English I during a hybrid schedule. Photo by Kirstie Ko

In a time without COVID-19, students have previously turned in their assignments on paper. However, both teachers and students were introduced to Canvas in August, which has become something most have gotten used to by now. Varying by each class, teachers may continue using Canvas, or go back to previous ways of turning in assignments which may not be quickly adapted to for freshmen. “I would feel lost because I’ve gotten used to using Canvas,” said Celie Page, freshman. 

The Chronicle conducted a recent survey that found out of 501 freshmen, 46.7% of respondents were anxious about attending high school fully in-person for the first time, while 49.5% were excited. For those who are anxious, “I suggest mental preparation and communication,” said Taylor Money, social studies teacher. “I want to remind students how resilient they are. At this point, students have survived two schedule changes within a single semester. Find comfort in the fact that you have been doing full in-person learning all your life and try to enjoy the familiarity of returning to it.” 

Infographic by Kirstie Ko

According to the Colorado Department of Health, there are currently 1,054,537 people immunized with one dose of the vaccine, 612,538 people fully immunized, and 1,655,939 cumulative doses administered, with more to be vaccinated in the near future, giving hope the virus will disappear by the summer.

As of Feb. 28, 2021, CDPHE estimated 93,175 of the state’s 120,000 K-12 educators and child care workers in licensed child care programs were vaccinated. The numbers are based on school districts and teachers providing their information.

Many students as well as the community are hopeful that vaccines will continue to slow the spread of the virus, allowing things to return to normal. Asher Bourdelais, freshman, said, “I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and school feeling a bit more normal.”

Kirstie Ko, Staff Reporter

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Freshman returning full-in person