“Just Cause” it’s great: review of Just Cause 2


Once a game is a year old, it seems to go away, lost in the newest releases like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny, and more. However, some games have more fun than any of them can offer. One of those games would be Avalanche Studio’s 2010 open world game, Just Cause 2.

Just Cause 2 follows US agent, Rico Rodriguez, as he is deployed to the South Asian island of Panau, where he is to take down a rogue agent. He also must deal with the current dictatorship, heavily armed militia, and dangerous gangs. The game is completely open to the player with a map size of 400 square miles, and hundreds of villages, strongholds, and airports with tons of unique vehicles to get around.

In the world, you have to cause chaos by attacking bases, destroying military property, or taking out propaganda to unlock missions and progress the story of the game, so you have to explore and fight in the world alongside the story. The only issue with the game is the game is so large you need a jet or helicopter, or to use a black market “extract” to get around, and you have to drive, sail, or fly up to 20-28 kilometers in order to cross the entire map.

Driving or boating is usually too slow, unless the destination is within a few kilometers. It might just be a good idea to try this game if you are a fan of open world, action, and adventure games. It earns 4.5/5 stars for me, as I never ran out of places to discover, action was always around the corner, and I could boat, swim, run, drive, fly, or base jump anywhere.

John Boughey, Guest Reporter

Just Cause 2, PhotoCo :8bitchimp.com